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Episode 67 > Crochet Circle Podcast

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Episode front cover with a beige linen backdrop and three woolly skeins of yarn all in ever darkening teas.

Episode 67

About a 4 minute read

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My name is Fay and this is my audio and video podcast for those that love fibre crafts, particularly crochet.  This podcast is sponsored by my online crafting company, Provenance Craft Co. 

Thanks to everyone who tunes into the podcast whether it is through Stitcher, Podbean, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes or the YouTube Channel. Your support and engagement are really appreciated and makes running a podcast very special and worthwhile.   

If you would like to support the podcast, you can do that through Patreon: 

Patreon logo with white bold font and coral background

I have been out adventuring.  A couple of weekends ago I hopped into our car and drove to Scotland to meet up with Alyson from Moorit Magazine.  It was a very special trip because I got to record the behind the scenes photoshoot for the first ever Moorit Mag.  

Obviously I can’t tell you anything about the designs that are going to appear in this first edition – you will have to wait until the magazine launches in September.  I can tell you that you are not going to be disappointed.  The designs were gorgeous.  The first location for the photoshoot was perfect.  The eleventy billion midges that feasted on me were not welcome and I still have molehill bite marks all over my body.  

Beside it being lovely to see Alyson and the others that were working the shoot, it was actually just glorious to be in Scotland again.  Even though I went there and back in one day, just being back ‘home’ felt good.  It definitely topped me back up made my word a little brighter. 


I have been beavering away on two crocheted bags and whilst I have finished the crocheting bit, I haven’t actually finished the bags because I need to add handles and sew a lining into one of them.   

In an attempt to get through more designs, I have been taking myself off to Trentham Gardens on a Monday.  I always tried to set Friday’s aside as design days but other work tasks always got in the way.  By shifting he design day to the beginning of the week, I’m actually getting through designs and still getting through the rest of my work.     

Hopefully this new regime will lead to me getting more designs out.  

Grey background with fading knitted socks in teals, blues and plummy purples.

So, the only thing that I have actually finished is a pair of knitted socks for my niece, Darcie.  She works in an office which is basically in a big fridge/freezer and gets cold toes.  Darcie loves hand-knitted socks and so is a very willing recipient.   

The yarn is Schoppel, Crazy Zauberball and is very deep stash.  Although I bought this in Iceland, it’s available globally.  The blend is 75% wool and 25% nylon, 420m/100g and the shade is 1699.  The marl effect in the yarn makes it very addictive to work with.  You can’t really get matching socks with it, which irks my love of uniformity, but Darcie will not care!

If you are looking for some sock yarn that is more interesting to work with than the standard merino/nylon, I recommend this.  It has bags more character and I will guarantee it will be warmer too!


I have crocheted the outer structure of two bags.  They are both the Strata Bag design and I have made them in a chunky and aran weight yarn.  

The chunky version uses a yarn that was new to my hands.  It’s by a company called Iinouiio and they are based in Yorkshire, England and specialise in recycling wool.  I bought my supply of it from Ewe & Ply over in Oswestry when I went to the shop over Christmas.  The yarn is 97% wool and 3% neps and 80% of the content is recycled.  The yarn is soft but structured, so absolutely perfect for this bag design.  I also like that the neps aren’t too obvious, they just add a bit of character. 


Rows of a semi-ribbed crochet fabric in a bright rust colour with a nuggest of chunky denim blue yarn on top.


The second bag is in Woolyknit aran which I bought on the cone.  It’s 100% British wool and the colour is Rust Tan and an absolute bargain at £20 for 400g.   

I don’t plan on making two of each of the bag designs but wanted to test whether the stitch ratio worked on lighter yarn weights.  Also, I really wanted a Strata Bag in rust! 

The other project I have put some more time into is the Clean Lines Shawl by Anna Nikipirowicz.  It was in issue 124 of Inside Crochet and is now also available as a standalone pattern on Ravelry. I had a breakthrough with how I view and score my progress through the chart and it helped me to speed up my progress on this shawl.  It still has to be crocheted with no real distractions and a clear head, but there is definite progress.

The yarn is a heavy laceweight single strand wool called Einband

A partially crocheted woollen shawl in charcoal grey and bright yellow.  The mosaic crochet pattern is shown well because of the contrast colours.



No yarn has come into the house.  Sewing patterns have though.  I am determined to make myself dresses this year.  I fell hard for three different patterns after hours of research.  So, if you are looking for some basic but nice sewing dress patterns, take a look at: 

 Closet Core Charlie No. 12 Caftan 

 Style Arc Asha Dress 

 Style Arc Emerson Woven Dress 

I bought all three patterns from the Minerva website.    

Dress sewing patterns
dress sewing pattern in it's envelope
Dresss sewing pattern.

This little lot turned up on the day of recording.  All Mill Specials that are still available at the time of recording the podcast.    The rust yarn is on the John Arbon Textiles Yarnadelic Base which is 100% Falklands Corriedale and it’s called Comanche.  333m per 100g.  You can read a yarn review on it here.        

The teals are also Mill Specials and they are on the Knit by Numbers base which is 100% organically farmed Falklands Merino in the teal shade range.  

John Arbon Textiles Yarnadelic wool in a mid-warm rusty colour on a beige inen background
John Arbon Textiles Knit by Numbers wool in thre shades of teal, mod to dark on a beige inen background


1 - The next Global Hook Up is on Saturday 16th June at 8pm (BST) and Sunday 17th June at 9am (BST).  Go to  www.zoom.us and use code 475 047 5819 and passcode WOOL. 

2 – I’m going to delay the next HIVE session until September so that I can have a proper podcast break.  September’s session will be on magazine submissions.  

3 – There will be no podcast in August.  So, I will be back on the 3rd of September.  I’ll be working on the podcast while I’m off, but also spending time with friends, getting out in the garden and hopefully swimming in the sea.  I’ll bring you along to any adventures on Instagram stories.  

4 - Mighty Networks - Just a quick note to say that Mighty Networks is open to everyone.  Come along and join us there.  It's a lovely space to come and share what you are up to and to chat with like minded people and get inspiration from them.  You can join up here.


At the ripe old age of near 44, I have finally fulfilled a childhood dream.  We bought a SodaStream and I am in love!  

I always wanted one as a kid but we couldn’t afford one.  I had a couple of “posh” friends that had one and I was always green with envy. I originally bought it to reduce the amount of plastic bottle waste we have – we do love a weekend G&T or three!  

Now though, I am busy trying to perfect my own homemade tonic water syrup, ginger ale and elderflower cordial.  Never happier than when I am going backside up into a rabbit hole where I get to learn all the things! It only took me 36 years to fulfil that particular childhood dream.  

Next up is to renovate and live in a barn conversion.  Something I set my sights on when I was 10 years old.      

 That is it from me. I will be back on the 3rd September.   

Fay x


Crochet Clan on Mighty Network: Invite


My name is Fay and this is my audio and video podcast for those that love fibre crafts, particularly crochet.  It’s a community for people that like to support their fellow humans regardless of race, gender, sexuality, ability, size or age. I hope you feel the welcome embrace and love of the Crochet Clan.  

Come on in and stay awhile.  

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