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Episode 65 > Crochet Circle Podcast

Fay Dashper-Hughes Cama Rose Crochet Circle Podcast Crochet podcast episode 65 Fay Dashper-Hughes Garthenor Iinuiio John Arbon Textiles The Crochet Circle Podcast

Episode front cover showing the beginnings of a dark grey wool shawl with a few rows of a zingy ywllo added witht he grey in mosaic crochet.  The balles of wool are in the background.

Episode 65

About a 6 minute read

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My name is Fay and this is my audio and video podcast for those that love fibre crafts, particularly crochet.  This podcast is sponsored by my online crafting company, Provenance Craft Co. 

Thanks to everyone who tunes into the podcast whether it is through Stitcher, Podbean, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes or the YouTube Channel. Your support and engagement are really appreciated and makes running a podcast very special and worthwhile.   

If you would like to support the podcast, you can do that through Patreon: 

Patreon logo with white bold font and coral background

We got new neighbours this month and they are great fun!  A bit rowdy, but very entertaining.  On Thursday, a cattle truck appeared at the gate by our house and unloaded about 20 stirks.  I have been enthralled with them ever since – they are absolute joy makers.   

A cluster of black and white dappled  bullocks in a fiwld of very green grass, looking enquiringly at my camera lens.  Close up of the head of a bullock with a white face, black body, ears and nose.  He has a yellow identity tag in his left ear.


How often do you go back to a project, only to find that you have removed the hook for a different project and cannot remember what hook size you were using?  Here's a quick tip on never forgetting again.  

If you have a phone on your camera, take a close up photo of the yarn you are using beside the hook and make sure the hook size is visible.  Then when you foget the hook size, you have a visual reference to go back to.  

Close up of pink metal 3.5mm hook in a swatch of teak crochet with the ball of yarn beside it.




I have been working on a couple of commissions that I will be able to share with you next month and that has taken most of my crochet time because one of them was a blanket.  So, besides painting the lounge area and sewing some new bedding, the only other finished objects are some socks for Matthew.  


He got two new pairs this month.  The first use Grundl, Hot Socks Pearl which has 75% Merino, 20% polyamide, 5% cashmere in it.  It so soft.  This colourway is 02. 




 A green striped sock on a blue sock blocker.  Three shades of green striped with a white/blue faux Fair Isle band inbetween.

The second pair I made was a yarn that Matthew chose for socks about two years ago!  The colourway is called Frida Kahlo and it’s dyed by Helen at The Wool Kitchen.  I love the little zips of colour you get when this yarn is knitted up.  
A jade green sock on a blue sock blocker.  Every now and the the arn has a zip of colour in bright green, pink and orange. 





I have finally managed to get some time on my Clean Lines shawl by Anna Nikipirowicz.  It was in issue 124 of Inside Crochet and is now also available as a standalone pattern on Ravelry.   

This is one of those where I know when I have washed and blocked the final shawl, it will be amazing, but right now, I kind of wish I had used a different type of yarn.   My choice was to use Einband which is a heavy laceweight single-strand yarn (250m per 50g).  I have lots of it in my stash and so I wanted to use stash rather than buy new.  My colour choices are Dark Grey Heather (1903) and Yellow (1765).  On the upside, I am using a 3.5mm and 4mm hook, so it’s actually quite quick to work up.       

The pattern has solid blocks and then sections of Mosaic crochet.  This is the first time I have tried mosaic crochet and I don’t mind admitting that it took me some time to get my brain around it.  Basically, I went to bed early last night, has trash TV on that I could dip in and out of (Married at First Sight Australia – I am obsessed!)  and I sat and slowly went through the instructions and mosaic charts.  

The technique is finally in my head.   I had been beating myself up for not finishing this pattern already but, honestly there just was no available brain space for it until now.  Also, this is a pattern that requires me to break my monogamous project stance, because I will need some light relief crochet while I am working up the mosaic rows.    

 If you are looking for a crochet challenge this year, give Mosaic Crochet a go.  The effect is spectacular.  


The beginnings of a dark grey wool shawl with a few rows of a zingy ywllo added witht he grey in mosaic crochet.  The balles of wool are in the background with tow metal crochet hooks.


My next en route is a bit different because I would like to invite you to join me in participating.  In November this year, the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) is being held in Glasgow.  

A group has formed called “Stitches for Survival” and lots of people are busy creating fabric as a piece of mass-craftivism.  

I heard about this through long time Crochet Clanner, Tamara and instantly wanted to get involved.  The premise is to crochet, knit, stitch, weave, fabric that can be used for local and national campaigning, before it’s all brought together to create 1.5 miles of fabric that will be displayed at the SECC in Glasgow when the conference is taking place.

The 1.5 miles is significant – it represents the 1.5 degree global warming limit that was set during the Paris Agreement in 2015.  




Chunky length of crochet with a red metal crochet hook and scattered cakes of yarn in the background, all in eathy greens and blues.

I plan in crocheting a few pieces and wondered if anybody wanted to join me?  I love the idea of having a section that is made purely by the Crochet Clan.  If you fancy it, here is what is required:

  • Knit, crochet, stitch or craft as many pieces of the scarf as you would like and are able to — in green or blue yarn, fabric and thread. 
  •  Each piece of the scarf needs to measure 60cm high x 100cm wide. This will make it much easier to assemble the full ‘scarf’, and also help re-purpose the pieces for blankets. The shorter edges will be the ones we join together so each piece will contribute 100cm to the length of the scarf. So if you want to do an image or writing on your piece make sure it is the right way up (60cm high and 100cm wide).  Landscape, NOT portrait. 
  • Pieces can be plain or intricate, include designs of animals or plants threatened with extinction, or include words in any language. Be creative!  
  • So that I have time to sew all the pieces together and pass them onto the organisers, I would need to receive your section(s) by the end of August 2021.  
  • Ideally, your fabric shouldn’t impact further on the planet, so using stash or buying yarn from a charity shop is perfect.
A wooden dish holding skeins of fluffy alpaca yarn in a light teal, dark sky blue and acig green, ready to become a section for th Stitches for Survival banner.

After the conference, the pieces will be sewn together to create blankets and some particularly poignant pieces will be kept for exhibiting and further craftivism. 

There is a Facebook Group for the campaign, which has loads of examples that have already been made and may also help connect you to other crafters local to you. and a really good Q&A document on the Stitches for Survival website. 

I already know a few of you are interested on adding to this, so let’s make as big a section as possible!  Let me know if you are interested.  I will pass you my address when you have a section ready to post.





No yarn has passed the threshold this month!  In fact, I gave some away – who even am I?



I have been cracking on with the swatches for the bag collection this last month and now have the beginnings of two and two finalised swatches.  
You would not believe the amount of work that is involved in getting some swatches to their final state.  The Hive bag swatch has been remade countless times so that I could get the formation of the honeycomb right.  I have probably put three hours into that swatch already!  


I am most pleased with the swatch for Morse because I think I have created a technique for colourwork that gives very crisp  lines compared to standard tapestry crochet.  Also, the combination of that bright pink and acid yellow green is just glorious.    

 Now that I have done the swatching, it’s time to take to my excel spreadsheets, plot out the sizes that I could get from the bags and start working up the basic pattern that I can then work from.  I also need to find some different bag handles and straps for the bags.  



    Grey background with four crochet bag swatches in different yarns with hooks.  They yrans range from teal to bright pink and yellow, dark denim blue and honeycomb yellow.

    The yarns I have used for swatching are: 

     Strata (bottom right)–  Iinouiio chunky which is a yarn made in Yorkshire from recycled fibres   

     Swell (top left)– Cama Rose which is an organic, 100% wool, 150m per 50g. 

     Hive (bottom left) – Garthenor Preseli which is 200m per 50g.  

     Morse (top right) – John Arbon Textiles Exmoor Sock Yarn which is 200m per 100g.  


    Global Hook Ups – The May hook ups are scheduled for: Saturday 15th at 8pm BST and Sunday 16th at 9am BST. The meeting ID number is 475-047-5819 and you will need to join via Zoom which you can do here:  https://www.zoom.us/join  if a password is required, it is WOOL. If you are joining on your phone or tablet you will likely need to download the software in advance.  If you are joining from a PC or Mac, you can join via the link above.  Everyone needs to use the same ID number to get into the session. 

    Hive Session for designers - The next The Hive session for budding designers is going to be on the 22nd  of May at 3pm.  We have Deb from Find Me Knitting joining us for that session and we will talk through how we work together as Tech Editor and Designer.  Go to www.zoom.us and use code 475 047 5819 and passcode HIVE. 

     The HIVE session after that will be on photography.

    The Hive session last month was on pattern sales platforms and I have written a blog post on the topic.     

    Mighty Networks - Just a quick note to say that Mighty Networks is open to everyone.  Come along and join us there.  It's a lovely space to come and share what you are up to and to chat with like minded people and get inspiration from them.  You can join up here.


    We are big film fans in this household.  Listening to the Empire Film Podcast is a Friday night religion for us.  When film award season comes around, we try to catch as many of the nominated films as possible.  I have three recommendations for you: 

    Wolf Walkers – animated by Cartoon Saloon, a film animation house based out of Kilkenny in Ireland.  Their animation style is gorgeous.  I heartily recommend their other films too, especially Song of the Sea.  

    Sound of Metal – stars Riz Ahmed, playing a drummer that loses his hearing and struggle to come to terms with the impact it has on his life.  The soundscape for the film is incredible.

    Nomadland – starring Frances McDormand, and many of the nomadic people living in the US, following a different path and moving from place to place. 


    That is it from me. I will be back on the 4th June.   

    Fay x


    Crochet Clan on Mighty Network: Invite


    My name is Fay and this is my audio and video podcast for those that love fibre crafts, particularly crochet.  It’s a community for people that like to support their fellow humans regardless of race, gender, sexuality, ability, size or age. I hope you feel the welcome embrace and love of the Crochet Clan.  

    Come on in and stay awhile.  

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