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Denim background with a photo of a plant pot made from the leg of a pair of jeans.  Text reads "Upcycled denim plant Pot" with the Living at No. 87 logo.


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I have whispering thighs and this means that the inner thighs of my jeans wear out much more quickly than than the rest of my jeans.  

When repatching no longer works, I end up with a pile of denim that I can't quite bring myself to send off for textile recycling because I knwo I can get more life out of them. 

I finally came up with the idea to make plant pots with the legs of my jeans and I think it's one of the quickest crafting makes I have ever done. 

You don't even need a sewing machine because these can even be hand sewn.  


You don't need any special materials, so I have deliberately shown you the tools you can use if you don't usualy sew things.  

Leg of a pair of jens cut off at teh ankel with a pair of pink scissors, two pins, a pen and a ruler.  A square has been cut at the bottom to show the first stage of making a boxed bag.

  • Leg of old denim jeans 
  • Fabric scissors
  •  Pen 
  • Ruler 
  • Two pins 
  • Sewing machine and thread, or 
  • Needle and thread if you are going to hand sew the bottom instead.


Step 1 - Cut jeans leg to 26cm length and turn inside out 

Step 2 - Sew the bottom with a 1cm seam allowance.  Keeping the existing jean seams face down when you sew the seam allowancewill help to create te a neater boxed bottom. 

Step 3 - Mark a 5cm square from the side seam to the sewn bottom

Close up to show the sens raw edges and 5cm square cut our=t ready to make the boxed bottom.

Step 4 - Cut out 5cm squares ready to box out

Close up showing both 5cm squares cut out.

Step 5 - Open up the 5cm square cut and pin together the opposite sides of the same cut. Sew with a 1cm seam allowance. Repeat for other side and turn right side out.

Bottom of fabric with one square sewn and the other pinned, ready to be sewn.
Boxed bottom turned th right way around.

Step 6 - Turn over the the top of the pot to reveal the side seams. Pop your plant pot into a thick plastic bag and place into your upcycled pot.

Denim plant pot with an aloe vera in it.  A thick plastic bag to the right.


Using the same method, you can also add metal poppers to top of the pot and make a project bag for crafting instead.

The same idea for the plant pot but with metal poppers added to make it into a project bag for sock knitting.  Turquoise and orange yarns, a small knitting needles and a partially made sock are to the right.

I also have plans to use the rest of these jeans to make a gardening pinny.  Anything to stop me misplacing my secetares in ramdom places and stuffing my phone down my bra so that I can listen to music as I garden! 

The finished denim plant pot with an aloe vera in ot on a three legged wooden stool.
The plant pot underneath showing the boxed bottom.
Denim plant pot on a light wood sidetable.  Shodows of the aloe are cast on the wood.


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