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Since April 2016, I have been publishing a monthly crochet podcast.  It is available as video and an audio podcast (see links below).


When: It is publiched on the first Friday of every month at 10am (GMT/BST).

What: The podcast is both fun and informative.  I like to share the skills I am learning for crochet and other crafts.

How long: Each podcast is usually about an hour long, sometimes a little over.

Who: Since the podcast started, it has been all about community.  If you go to Instagrma dn search #crochetclan you will come across lots of loevly crocheters to follow.    

Global Hook Ups: Once a month I run two Global Hook Up Sessions.  It's a way of crocheters from across the globe, gathering online to craft and get to know each other.  You will find details of the sessions in the Ravelry Group and in the Highlights on Instagram.

You can support the podcast and all the peripheral bits over on Patreon.  This allows me to keep on doing all the cool stuff I get to publish.

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Latest video podcast - Episode 61, Pop

Video podcast on YouTube

Latest audio podcast - Episode 61, Pop

Audio podcast on Podbean, A Cast, Stitcher, Spotify & Apple Podcasts

Instagram - @crochet_circle_podcast


Inclusivity Matters

List of BIPOC/BAME crochet designers with clickable links


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