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Episode 68 > Crochet Circle Podcast

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Episode Front cover with a head shot of a young female with long brown hair wearing a dark rose pink crocheted Tam hat in a corn field.

Episode 68

About a 4 minute read

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My name is Fay and this is my audio and video podcast for those that love fibre crafts, particularly crochet.  This podcast is sponsored by my online crafting company, Provenance Craft Co. 

Thanks to everyone who tunes into the podcast whether it is through Stitcher, Podbean, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes or the YouTube Channel. Your support and engagement are really appreciated and makes running a podcast very special and worthwhile.   

If you would like to support the podcast, you can do that through Patreon: 

Patreon logo with white bold font and coral background

Well, that was a fairly quick, but filled to the brim summer!  

Our house has been a hive of activity over the last eight weeks as we have moved into the next phase of the house renovation/ up-do!  Our kitchen has been resprayed.  I sanded down and re-waxed the oak worktops and the bank holiday weekend was spent tiling the kitchen and fireplace.  

I have also managed to get a lot of designing done, which always tops me up and makes me feel like I am moving forwards with life. 

Our veggie patch is now an actual jungle and I have a better idea of what is going to grow well for us that we are likely to eat.  Sadly, all the peas have now been eaten. 

Hopefully you have all had a great summer/winter too?  I know that it has been really hard for parents that faced multiple lockdowns and then a further 6 weeks of entertaining kids over the last few weeks. 


Thank you to everyone that has sent me through a panel for the Stitches for Survival craftivism piece.  I have a lovely pile of them building up and they have come from Scotland, Wales, England, and Germany.  

You still have time to get yours to me, just send me a message and I will pass you my address.  The deadline is the end of September.  I will have all the others sewn up in the next week or so and will take photos to show off in the next podcast. 

 Well done everyone, the impact in Glasgow in the first week of November for the COP26 Climate Change Conference is going to be amazing.  So many panels have already been made and shown off in villages and towns across the UK, spreading the climate change message ahead of the conference and hopefully helping people take local action. 

A big pile of crocheted and knitted panels all in blues and greens.  At the top of the pile is a crocheted blanket with an orange jellyfish embelishment.


How many FOs can I show you in one podcast?  For starters, I have sewn 50 gazillion cushions (actually seven, but it definitely felt like more).  

I managed to find the easiest ever YouTube tutorial for making a cushion slip and went to town using up the Harris Tweed and velvet I have been keeping by for living room cushions.  This is the perfect project for someone getting to know their sewing machine and looking for a quick, useful sewing project.  


Close up of my grey linen sofa with me made cushions from navy Harris tweed, blue velvet and a Glasgow street map tapestry cushion backed in blue velvet.


Having finished the Glasgow tapestry cushion from Hannah Bass, I washed and blocked it and managed to sew it into the same cushion slip form that I used for the other cushions.  It’s a little bit squiffy, but so is my favourite Scottish city, so actually feels quite appropriate.  

 I also finished my Clean Lines shawl by Anna Nikipirowicz.  It was in issue 124 of Inside Crochet and is now also available as a standalone pattern on Ravelry. The yarn is a heavy laceweight single strand wool called Einband.  It is a very light shawl that is also very warm, so perfect for draping around me when the temperature starts to drop.  Mosaic crochet is nice to work on.  It does require quite a bit of concentration, but the reward is worth the effort.  I see more mosaic crochet in my future. 

Me stood in a corn field hiding behind my massive crocg=heted Clen Lines shawl which is dark grey and chartreuse.


I also finished up a Positivity Spiral cowl in the most luxurious yarn I have ever bought.  I used Blue Sky Alpaca’s Metalico yarn which is 50% Mulberry silk and 50% baby alpaca and 100% flufftastic!  I had already made the cowl using one 50g skein of the yarn and given that I had a second skein, I thought I would just make the cowl deeper and have an actual FO, rather than a time out project sitting in my craft room.  https://www.tribeyarns.com/products/metalico?

lack background with a silver Positivity Spiral Cowl ploppe don it.  The diagonal lace pattern shows through.

For anyone that supported the upper level Kickstarter campaign for Moorit, part of the reward programme was a skein of RiverKnits yarn and my Positivity Spiral hat pattern.  I spent a goodly chunk of my summer working up the hat pattern in a different yarn, with a slightly different fit.    

Some designs flow off the hook and others take a little more coaxing!  This second version of this hat was the latter, but I really love the results.  The pattern will go live on sale as soon as I know the Kickstarter supporters have the pattern and their yarn, but I wanted to show it off here too.   

You will see from the photos in the video ad show notes that I have a new model.  My niece Darcie has agreed to model for me.  We have a really lovely relationship and I think that shines through in the photos.  

Headshot of me with short brown hair in a cornfield wearing a dark rose pink Tam hat which is one of the styles from the Positivity Spiral Hat pattern..
Head shot of my 20 year old brown haired niece wearing a dark teal  Beanie hat which is one of the styles from the Positivity Spiral Hat pattern..
Headshot of me with short brown hair in a cornfield wearing a dark teal  Beanie hat which is one of the styles from the Positivity Spiral Hat pattern..

Although this one was finished a couple of months ago, I can finally share my design for Moorit Issue 1.  It’s a striped crocheted skirt called Laminaria.  It uses three colours of Jamieson’s DK weight Shetland wool and is inspired by the seaweed fronds and beaches of the West coast of Scotland. 

The publish date of Moorit is inching ever closer.  If you haven’t signed up for a copy yet, you can get yours directly through the Moorit website or you can order it from me at Provenance Craft Co .  

Pine forest in Scotland with a female model e=wearing balck tights and top and a blue striped Laminaria crocheted skirt.

Photos courtesy of @ameliaclaudia and @mooritmag.

Close up of striped Laminaria skirt showing the shaping around the waist, hips and bum.


I started all the projects this summer, got myself into a tizzy over having too many things on the go and now I need to work out what to work on next.  So, here are a couple of the many things that I started. 

Originally, the massive ball of WoolyKnit rug yarn was bought for a large macrame hanging piece but then I had the idea to use it for my Swell bag design rather than felting the 100% wool that I was going to use.  This means that the bag has moved on from the original design and will probably have to be made in two different yarn options.  

I love to make more work for myself, don’t I?  

On the upside, it will mean a more comprehensive pattern with additional yarn options and I do love to give options! Eventually, this bag will become a large market shopping bag with nice leather handles.  I have grand plans of taking it to the monthly Farmer’s Markets that I buy our food from.   

I also started one of the other bag designs but don’t have much to show you yet.  Also, a sock design, another bag design…

Black background with a huge ball of felted riving wool and a chunky bamboo hook.  The base of a large shopping bag in the same wool  pattern to the front, with a ball of petrol blue linen.

Finally, I swatched for my Dad’s jumper.  This is a jumper that I owed him for his birthday last year.  His birthday is tomorrow and I still don’t have a jumper for him.  He is hopefully off to Iceland later in the year, so my plan is to send him off to Iceland with another Icelandic jumper to wear.  

The yarn is Plutolopi from Einband, which I am holding double and gives me perfect gauge for a Flax knitted jumper by Tin Can Knits.  


1 - The next Global Hook Up is on Saturday 18th September at 8pm (BST) and Sunday 19th September at 9am (BST).  Go to  www.zoom.us and use code 475 047 5819 and passcode WOOL. 

2 – Alyson of Moorit Magazine is hosting an Issue 1 Launch Party on 30th September at 18.30pm (BST).  You can come and be part of the launch party!  Detail are over on Alyson’s Instagram bio, or you can click here for info.

 3 – If anyone is heading to UK yarn shows in September, I plan to be at Sweater Weather on the Saturday morning and Yarndale on the Sunday.         

4 -  Time out gives you the chance to do some reality checks.  I made some tentative business decisions just before the summer and used the time off to decide whether they were the right ones or not. I’m going to stop vending at yarn shows.  I used to do 10+ shows a year, which wiped about half of my working year.  Whilst I love vending at yarn shows, it drains rather than tops up my batteries and I would much rather be working on projects that top me up.

5 -  I also decided that it was time to get ahead of my designing process.  It always feels like things are going out late and that I am slightly behind the curve.  So, I have been building up a bank of designs.  Come Autumn time, I should be able to publish patterns on a fairly frequent basis and try to work about 3-6 months in advance of seasonal trends.  

6 - Mighty Networks - Just a quick note to say that Mighty Networks is open to everyone.  Come along and join us there.  It's a lovely space to come and share what you are up to and to chat with like minded people and get inspiration from them.  You can join up here.


Darcie has agreed to be my model when I need one and I love the idea of showing her as she moves through her 20s.  Importantly, this allows me to show how my designs look on different body types and ages.    

I don't sell thousands of patterns and so paying for a model isn't an option for me.  As much as I would love to be showing off the true diversity of the human race, that will have to remain a goal to strive for with my patterns.  

Until I reach that goal, Darcie and I will proudly show how my designs looks on different body sizes and ages, and have a lot of fun as we do it.

That is it from me. I will be back on the 1st of October.      Fay x


Crochet Clan on Mighty Network: Invite


My name is Fay and this is my audio and video podcast for those that love fibre crafts, particularly crochet.  It’s a community for people that like to support their fellow humans regardless of race, gender, sexuality, ability, size or age. I hope you feel the welcome embrace and love of the Crochet Clan.  

Come on in and stay awhile.  

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