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Proximity of Manufacturing (PoM) Rating

I firmly believe in trying to make sound environmental choices when purchasing goods and services.  Part of my reason for starting the Provenance Craft Co.  was to source and manufacture knitting, crocheting and crafting paraphernalia with good provenance.     

In general, the fewer miles between you and the products you are buying, the better it is for the planet and the local economy.  This can also be better from a labour sourcing perspective.

To help you make informed choices about the products that I sell, I have developed a Proximity of Manufacture Rating. The PoM rating is ranked using green, amber or red coloured circles and acts as a quick guide to show you the final manufacturing* zones for the products that I sell, based on the information that I have available:


Furthermore, for any product that I sell with a red PoM Rating, wherever possible I will also sell a green or amber PoM rated alternative.  For example if I wanted to sell scissors that were manufactured outside of the EU, I would also try to sell scissors that were manufactured inside the EU (amber PoM Rating) or, preferably, scissors manufactured within the British Isles (green PoM Rating).  This allows customers to make their own informed decision.

*Final manufacturing means the assembly/creation of the final product, prior to shipping to the customer.  As much information as possible about the provenance of each product and its component parts will be made available within the product description. It can often be very difficult to get the finer detail on exactly where the raw materials come from.  I always ask the question but sometimes don't get an answer back, but endeavour to give any detail made available by the suppliers. 

This detail is also given when you receive your goods, so that you know where your items have been manufactured.