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Starting dc crochet rather than turning chains

Fay Dashper-Hughes

A different technique for starting a new row

I am constantly learning new techniques for crochet and was informed about this little nugget having talked about better ways to start new rounds in new colours as part of The Crochet Circle Podcast.  That technique is called 'standing crochet stitches'.

If you are starting a new row in the same colour then the below technique may be for you.  It is called 'starting crochet stitches' and I think it is a neat way of starting a new row.

Here you can see the differences between a starting crochet stitch dc and the standard turning chain dc:

Here are the same two samples with borders added:

It's and incredibly easy to do technique and I will be using this in my patterns from now on in:

I will also look into similar techniques for half treble and treble crochet.

Let me know how you get on with this technique and share you makes with me on Instagram  (knitithookit and crochet-circle-podcast)

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