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BIPOC Crochet Designers - a list with clickable links

Fay Dashper-Hughes BIPOC Crochet designers; crochet designers POC designers

During the beginning of 2019, many lists were pulled together to highlight the fabulous Black, Indigenous or People of Colour (BIPOC) knitwear and crochet designers.

However, as is often the case, the crochet designs and designers get swamped by the sheer volume of knitting.

Claudia from the Crochet Luna Vlogcast has taken on the huge task of filtering out all of the crochet designers, and asking for their permission to appear on both her Instagram stories highlight called "BIPOC Crochet Designers" and in this blog post.  

EDIT 1st November 2019 - under the banner of 'BIPOC in Fiber' a group of amazing people set up a crowdfunding project to create a website/project to "become a vital, interactive resource that will increase the profiles of all the BIPOC makers listed and show the true diversity that exists in our community."

If you would also like to support the project, you can do so by clicking here


Here is how the list works:

Each new designer is added to the top of the list and a date will be given so that you can keep up to date with who you have and haven't followed.

Each link shown is clickable so that you can go straight to the crochet designer's Ravelry page, website etc. and it should open as a new window.

If the designer also offers other craft-related services, such as tech editing or a podcast, then that has been added too.

If you are a BIPOC designer and want to be added to the list - great!  In the first instance, please get in touch with Claudia via Instagram so that she can add you to her highlights list.  If you feel like freeing up some of our time so that we can do more crochet, please make sure we know what your Revelry Designer name is, and pass links to the places where you sell/blog/podcast from.  I will be able to add your details to this list.


Name                  Instagram                  Ravelry                         Other platforms

ADDED 18th October 2019

Tacia               @joannascrochet   Joanna's Crochet             www  
Ami                 @hookoflove          Hookoflove                        etsy    www


ADDED 9th July 2019

Jen                 @jsodetcrochet     Jen Dettelbach                    www  Etsy  YouTube
Kris                @cuddlelump         Cuddlelump Crochet          Facebook
Kelsie            @craftingforweeks   Kelsie Weeks                    www     Etsy
Rose              @loopinglym                                                       www      Etsy


ADDED 25th March 2019

Padma                @padma.r1               Padma R
Caterine             @catknotcat                                                    www
Noorain              @noorsknits             Noorsknits                    www
Aniqua                @my_kinda_thing                                          www


ADDED 19th February 2019

Laurell                 thedabblinghook     The Dabbling Hook       Etsy
Caleisha              nadiratani                 Caleisha Ryan              Podcast
Alex                     alexcreates               Alex Reynoso               www
Toni                     tlyarncrafts               TL Yarn Crafts              www
Elisabeth            desamourdesigns    Elisabeth Desamour    Etsy
Tian                     knitdesignsbytian   Tian Connaughton        Blog (also a tech editor)
Sandra                nomadstitches         Nomad Stitches            www
Natalie                detroitknots              Detroit Knots                 Etsy
Acquanetta        nettagyrl                    Acquanetta Ferguson  
Arica                   skeinsnsticks           Arica Presinal                www
Diane                  mrsumakes               Diane Ugo                      Podcast      Etsy       
Ashley                ashlovmakes1                                                              Podcast       
Yolanda              myprettybrowndoll   Don't Get It Twisted Crochet   Etsy
Vonne                 vcbcrochet                 Yvonne Tate                             www       
Mona                  love2bloom_in_yarn  Love2Bloom                            Blog
Helda                  heldap123                   Heldsaland                   
Talia                   taliacrochetcreations                                                  www
Kunbi                 handmadebykunbi      Kunbi Ayo-Okanlawon          www
Mary                   mrenji_                         Mary Renji
Caroline             inspired_professor     Caroline Rodriguez               www
Shay                   knitandcroshay          Shay Johnson
Clarisabeth        crochetcakes                                                               Podcast   Blog  Etsy
Ying                    crochetpatternkittying                                               www
Thamo                thamo_is_onthelamb  On The Lamb Designs         Podcast   
 Key                     designsbykey               Designs by Key                    Etsy     Blog     
 Brittanya           sweetlyversatile                                                          Etsy



If you have anyone you would like to see in this list, please ask them to get in touch.

Have fun following a whole load of crochet designers!


Claudia & Fay


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