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Making Magazine Issues 1-13


Issues of Making Magazine are brim full of gorgeous crafting projects.   Every issue focuses on knitting, crochet and sewing but will also feature other crafts such as rug making, macrame, felting, leather work, embroidery, home remedies and so much more. 

Knit and sew garment patterns are sized up to fit at least a 60" bust measurement.

I plan to carry all future issues of Making and currently have all issues available apart from 3 and 6.

Issue 13 - OUTSIDE:  

Represents an open mindset reminiscent of childhood joys brought by Spring and Summer days. The projects in this issue radiate a warm and playful mood inspired by bounces of light and gentle breezes on the hills, paths, and plains of our collective journey as makers.

11 knitting patterns, 1 crochet pattern, 7 sewing projects, 1 sewing and embroidery project and 1 botanical print project.


Issue 12 - DUSK: 10 knitting patterns, 1 crochet pattern, 5 sewing, 1 needle felting, 1 dyeing and 1 rug hooking project.

Issue 11 - DAWN: 9 knitting, 1 crochet, 7 sewing, 1 embroidery, 1 weaving and 1 natural dyeing project.

Issue 10 - INTRICATE: 11 knitting patterns, 1 crochet pattern, 6 sewing, 1 punch needle, 1 rug hooking, 1 weaving and 1 needle felting project.

Issue 9 - SIMPLE: 11 knitting patterns, 3 sewing, 1 crochet pattern, 1 punch needle, 1 screen printing,1 cross stitch and 1 fabric dyeing project.

Issue 8 - FOREST: 11 knitting patterns, 6 sewing, 1 embroidery, 1punch needle, 1 rug hooking and 1 weaving project.

Issue 7 - DESERT: 9 knitting patterns, 1 crochet pattern, 6 sewing patterns, 1 needlepoint, 1 embroidery,  needle felting, 1 macrame, 1 weaving  projects

Issue 5 - COLOR: 3 embroidery, 1 darning tutorial, 1 flower arranging tutorial, 1 quilting, 1 tapestry, 1 natural dye, 1 rug hooking, 3 sewing, 12 knit and 1 crochet project and 1 recipe.

Issue 4 - LINES: 1 embroidery, 1 patchwork, 2 quilting, 1 rug hooking, 7 sewing, 13 knit and 1 crochet project and 2 recipes.

Issue 2 -  FAUNA: 1 cross stitch, 2 embroidery, 1 needle felting, 1 quilting, 2 sewing, 1 drop spindle, 1 natural dyeing, 15 knit and 1 crochet project and 2 recipes.

Issue 1 - FLORA: 1 cross stitch, 2 embroidery, 1 needle felting, 1 quilting, 2 sewing, 1 flower arranging, 1 block printing, 11 knit and 1 crochet project and 2 recipes.

You may also be interested in Moorit, a new high-end crochet magazine and Making Stories knitting magazine.



    estimated 26cm x 20cm x 1cm


    Product materials, sourcing and PoM Rating 

    Printed in USA.


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