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Bag embroidery kits (Fauna - 8 designs & 5 colourways to choose from)



So, you have all seen the adult colouring books that have been around for the last few years?  Well, here's a new twist on that theme.  I love the idea of choosing colours and placing them where I want within a design, but I also want something useful at the end of my crafting/relaxation time.  Enter the bag embroidery kit.

I was scanning through machine embroidery logos to create some new bags for the website and happened across these fabulous designs, then the idea struck that I could pull together kits with beautiful coloured linens and a firm understanding of where all of the goods were manufactured.

Here is what is in your kit and where it all comes from:

1 x premium cotton bag, made in China by a socially responsible company and machine embroidered in Cheshire, England by my friend Ros.
28m (approx) of 3 ply linen thread from Lithuania.
1 number 20 pointed tapestry needle which was manufactured in France.
1 card to hold your linens by colour, printed by me in Cheshire on recycled card.

5" embroidery hoops are available separately for £3 and they are manufactured in the UK.

The instructions show you how to do satin stitch which is the best way of filling in an area with embroidery.  Feel free to go wilBlocking pinsBag embroidery d and add long and short stitches, french knots, beads...

I kept it simple because I didn't want to overwhelm people.  Go for it, make it your own and if you are on Instagram or Facebook, please share your project with me - I would love to see your finished bags.

Instagram: knitithookit

Facebook: Knit It - Hook It - Craft It

If hand embroidery isn't your thing, I also sell a range of machine embroidered bags such as crochet and knitting related bags.

Bag dimensions and linen:

The bag is made from premium cotton and is approximately 20cm wide x 23cm high.

The linen is 3 ply and each kit contains approximately 28m (regardless of whether it has six or seven colours).  I used approximately 14m when embroidering the bear which is the largest of the eight designs.  There should be plenty of each colour linen for you to finish your design.


Product materials, sourcing and PoM Rating 

The bag is made in China and machine embroidered in Cheshire, England.  The linen is grown and spun in Lithuania (EU).  The needle was made in France. The card for holding the linen and needle was manufactured in Norway and is a blend of virgin fibre and recycled beverage cartons.  The paper for the instruction leaflet is made from 100% post-consumer recycled fibre.

The kit was designed and packaged by me in Cheshire, England.

Postage and Packaging

You can read all about P&P here.

The P&P costs applied are very transparent.  No additional costs are added on, you simply pay for the cost of packaging and the cost of postage.  I don't offer free P&P because what that usually means is that the cost of P&P has been added to the cost of goods.  I think it is better to assume that my customers aren't daft and would rather have transparent P&P costs than the pretence of 'Free P&P' with potentially inflated prices on the items that they are buying.  


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