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Japanese embroidery/stitch books by Yumiko Higuchi, Kazuko Aoki & Yuki Sugashima



I have listed five different books by Yumiko Higuchi because I love them all.  Her simple designs using easy to replicate stitches are timeless but can show real flair and sense of humour. 

After listing working from Yumiko's books, I decided to add more Japanese embroidery titles to the shop.  There are two books from Kazuko Aoki and one from Yuki Sugashima.

Each book is full of:

  • Patterns are charted with stitch suggestions
  • Multiple designs for single+ colour embroidery motifs
  • The back of each book gives black and white motifs that can be traced  from
  • Soft and wipe clean book jacket

I have added a few photos from each book so that you can see how each of them differs and a break down of each book is here:


Zakka Embroidery - by Yumiko Higuchi has 189 pages, full of motifs and project ideas.  The book is split down into One Colour Projects and Two Colour Projects, making this an ideal book for people starting out with embroidery but looking for a bumper resource book. 21cm x 15cm.

A Year of Embroidery - by Yumiko Higuchi has 92 pages taking you through the growing and festive seasons of the year.  As with all of Yumiko's books, they are very detailed, well laid out and unlike any other embroidery designer's work.  19.5cm x 25cm.

Simply Stitched - by Yumiko Higuchi was the book that made me list books on my website.  I fell in love with it automatically.  It felt fresh and contemporary but also familiar to the embroidery I have grown up with.  It has 80 pages and is full of motifs and usable project ideas.  All shown off with beautiful photography and a great technique section.  22cm x 26cm.

Simply Stitched with Applique - by Yumiko Higuchihas 112 pages full of familiar motifs but using scraps of fabric and felt to bring a new dimension to Yumiko's work.  This is a great book for inspiring ways to use up scraps of fabric and thread.  22cm x 26cm.

Embroidered Botanicals - by Yumiko Higuchi has 95 pages of motifs and project ideas split down into thread type (tapestry wool, crewel wool, cotton floss, metallic thread and pearl cotton thread).  19cm x 25cm.

The Cross-Stitch Garden - by Kazuko Aoki has 109 pages packed full of motifs, sampler ideas and techniques.  There are even beaded projects and so many motifs to take you all the way through the seasons of the year. 21cm x 25.5cm

The Embroidered Garden - by Kazuko Aoki has 93 pages of techniques, projects and motifs.  The Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter wreath projects are particularly beautiful.  21cm x 25.5cm.

The Hand-Stitched Flower Garden - by Yuki Sugashima has 126 pages containing 45 floral designs and 20 project ideas.  The techniques are shown really well in up-close photography.  18cm x 23cm.  

You may also be interested in buying embroidery hoops and wool thread to complete your projects.


Product materials, sourcing and PoM Rating 

All of the books were printed in China.


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