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The Miss Mini Pinny came from a wish to have a crafting pinny that doubles up as a sort of functional project bag.  This is my own design and has been created with crafters and functionality in mind.

It is also almost completely manufactured in the UK.  The linen is grown in Belgium, woven in Scotland and sewn in England by Martine.  The Cath Kidston versions are also made by Martine but the material is manufactured in China.  The ribbon used for the ties is manufactured in Cheshire, England and the D-ring and spring clips are manufactured in France and made into ties by me.

The ribbon ties come in two colours - beige and cream to suit whatever the main colour of the material is. Please make sure that you add a note to your order to select the size of ribbon tie that you want.  

Using the pinny

  • It has long ribbons so that you get a nice big bow at the back.
  • You don't have to use the ribbon to put the pinny on or take it off because it has spring clips and d-rings at the front of the pinny.
  • The clips are on both sides and attach to a D-ring, so it doesn't matter if you are left or right-handed, using the pinny is easy.
  • There are slim pockets at the side (one side for knitting needles and one side for your crochet hook) and larger pockets at the front that are sized to take an A4 book and a cake of yarn in each pocket.
  • A great way of keeping all of your notions in one place so that you don't loose notions down the side of the sofa.
  • When you need to take the pinny off, you can just fold it up with your project inside and keep everything safe.

Miss Mini Pinny Dimensions

Approximately 46cm wide and 51cm.

Small pocket is 17cm wide and 24cm deep.

Large pocket is 24cm wide and 24cm deep.

The ribbons are generously sized (to make a really nice sized bow) as S/M.

Weights given are approximated to provide the best estimate for postage and packaging costs only.

Product materials, sourcing and PoM Rating 

Linen Miss Mini Pinny:

The linen is grown in Belgium ( PoM rated) and woven in Scotland (PoM rated).  I buy it directly from the manufacturer and pass it onto Martine who sews them up.  I then get my hands on them and add the ribbon ties (manufactured in Cheshire) and clasps (manufactured in France  ( PoM rated)).  This means that all of the actual making up of the pinny is done in Cheshire  ( PoM rated).

This pinny is almost 100% UK manufactured, and I am very proud of that!


Cath Kidston Miss Mini Pinny:

The material was manufactured in China  PoM rated).  Martine sews them up for me in Cheshire before passing them back to me to add the ribbon ties (manufactured in Cheshire) and clasps (manufactured in France  ( PoM rated)).  This means that all of the actual making up of the pinny is done in Cheshire ( PoM rated).

Postage and Packaging

You can read all about P&P here.

The P&P costs applied are very transparent.  No additional costs are added on, you simply pay for the cost of packaging and the cost of postage.  I don't offer free P&P because what that usually means is that the cost of P&P has been added to the cost of goods.  I think it is better to assume that my customers aren't daft and would rather have transparent P&P costs than the pretence of 'Free P&P' with potentially inflated prices on the items that they are buying.  

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