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Ceramic Yarn Bowls - three sizes & made in the UK



I started taking pottery classes back in 2017 and quickly fell in love with the process.  Whilst I am very far from being a Master Potter, I am really keen to offer ceramic yarn bowls and dishes that I have had a hand in creating.

My pottery teacher, Steve, throws the yarn bowls for me, I then bring them back to my studio to add the design features.  After they have been biscuit fired back at the pottery, I then add the intricate glaze elements before Steve does the final glaze dip and firing.

The yarn bowls are usually either plain glazed or with bee or bubble design features.  They are purposefully heavy.  We use a thick wall of clay to ensure that when you pull your yarn through the slit, your yarn bowl won't topple or scrape along your work surface.

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The yarn bowls come in three different sizes:

Small - perfect for 50g balls/cakes of yarn and mini skeins for colourwork.

Approximately 13 cm in diameter and 7cm high.

Medium - ideal for 100g balls/cakes of yarn.

Approximately 14cm in diameter and 9cm high.

Large - ideal for 100g balls/cakes of yarn and chunkier hanks or skeins.

Approximately 17cm in diameter and 10cm high.


Ceramics are quite difficult to post and because of that, the bowls will be sent via My Hermes as an insured item or Parcel Force if outside of the UK.  This automatically makes P&P a little more expensive, but as ever I charge realistic, not inflated P&P costs.  If I can post it ou at a cheaper level than charged, I will send you a partial credit to reflect the difference.

Yarn dish dimensions 

Dimensions for each dish are given on their specific photos.

Product materials, sourcing and PoM Rating 

Made using British clay with all of the manufacturing done in Cheshire, England within five miles of my studio.

Postage and Packaging

You can read all about P&P here.

The P&P costs applied are very transparent.  No additional costs are added on, you simply pay for the cost of packaging and the cost of postage.  I don't offer free P&P because what that usually means is that the cost of P&P has been added to the cost of goods.  I think it is better to assume that my customers aren't daft and would rather have transparent P&P costs than the pretence of 'Free P&P' with inflated prices on the items that they are buying.  


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